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Bemer Mat Therapy

Without adequate oxygen and nutrients and the efficient removal of waste products, your cells cannot metabolize correctly, less energy is manufactured in the cells and the intracellular space becomes acidic.  

Enhanced blood flow is known as the main road of health.  It is where the cells are nurtured and disposed of.  If one person's smallest blood vessels were to be strung together, it would equate to 74,000 miles, which would wrap around the earth two and half times.  

Every single living cell in your body needs a consistent supply of oxygen.  As our cells receive more oxygen and nutrients, our body is able to accelerate metabolic waste removal.  

Dr. Rainer Klopp, world - renowned physician and head of the Institute for Microcirculation in Berlin, has researched this science for many years and has seen no other technology work as effectively as the BEMER.

How it works

BEMER has a specific patented signal that activates the body's amazing powers.  BEMER uses their patented signal to deliver the benefits that no other PEMF machine can accomplish.  

What you should know about one of the World's most researched methods of enhanced blood flow, oxygen and nutrient delivery.

  • Low Energy?

  • Mental Fog?

  • Sleeplessness?

  • Stress?

Want a Vibrant, Youthful Life?  Try Bemer

  • Cutting Edge Technology

  • Increases Energy

  • Decreases Stress

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All Videos

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"BEMER is one of the most effective and widely researched physical therapy methods available today."

Dr. Rainer Klopp


How BEMER Supplements Yoga

Practicing yoga helps with general blood flow, but what if there was a way to accelerate enhanced nutrient and oxygen supply and cellular waste disposal even further?

We all practice yoga for our own reasons.  One reason is to self-heal.  Part of this process is the alignment of our bodies chakras and meridians.  Practicing yoga regularly is beneficial to increasing general blood flow, but may be difficult and take longer for some, depending on our bodies biochemistry and underlying issues.  By using the BEMER, one can accelerate general blood flow even further, resulting in enhanced oxygen supply and cellular waste removal throughout the body.  This may correlate with more rapid chakra alignment.

Yoga studios and body are renowned, and the positive results of BEMER have been published in over fifty medical publications. 

Based on the proven science of beneficial general blood flow along with the research concluding BEMBER's positive effects on the human body, every yoga studio, wellness center, as well as anyone who practices yoga could greatly benefit by using BEMER as part of their practice.  wellness centers in Europe have been using BEMER for several years to supplement their yoga practice.  The benefits of increased blood flow within the human 

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