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Darla Amundson
Certified Myopulse Practitioner
License #: MC 5553
4575 32nd Ave South #3 Grand Forks ND 58201
Exciting Myopulse Micro Current Facials
About Myopulse Facial

A Myopulse facial helps the skin to repair itself and become healthier from the inside out. Rejuvenating the delicate micro electricity of the cells provides noticeable "antiaging" results. Tiny facial muscles are toned and lifted; dark spots disappear, scars, lines and wrinkles soften and fade. Bring us your "jowls" "puffiness and discoloration," "baggy eyes," "droppy brows"... and younger looking, healthier skin will reappear. All of our facial treatments include a bonus relaxation procedure using ear clips to provide Alpha brainwaves that have a calming and soothing effect on the nerves. Healthy living habits and drinking lots of water will help you enhance and prolong the benefits of our Myopulse Facial Therapies.


"I look 10 years younger!" Karla C. 

Thermography before Facial
Thermography after Facial

Images on the right show Thermography images. Thermography images showing how the Myopulse Micro Current Facial help your body release Inflammation. White shows extreme inflammation. Red, orange, yellow show degrees of inflammation. As you can see the inflammation is greatly decreased after the Myopulse Micro Current Facial. Male and Female clients enjoy the benefits of the relaxing and detoxifying therapy

Myopulse Facial Session
A Myopulse Facial session takes about 75 minutes and a series of treatments is necessary to achieve great and lasting results. It takes time for the cells to recharge and regenerate. After the initial series of treatments (2-3 times per week), a maintenance program of one session per month will keep your face beautiful! If is a non-invasive therapy that requires no needles or injections - think of it as a non-surgical "face-lift." Enjoy a relaxing microcurrent facial treatment that penetrates deeply to smooth away the years. Others will soon notice a youthful glow to your young-looking skin and a twinkle in your eye when you smile.
"Please tell me more about the Microcurrent Myopulse for Facial Rejuvenation."

What is it?  The Myopulse is the Rolls Royce of non-invasive face-lift biotechnology. It is the most advanced and sophisticated microcurrent System available today. It "reads" the tissue using biofeedback sensors and according the "needs" of your individual tissues, it delivers tiny currents of electricity which you cannot feel. The whole experience is relaxing, refreshing and totally comfortable.  As various smooth metal probes are applied to the surface of the neck and face, microamperage currents gently stimulate the 3 layers of tissue cells:

  • Surface skin cells (epidermis - the top layer that can be seen)

  • Underlying skin cells (dermis - the layer where collagen and elastin are produced)

  • Muscle cells (sub-cutaneous - tissue which forms the contours of facial features). These are the delicate muscle cells that become weak and depleted over time, causing unsightly sagging and drooping.

As the microcurrent stimulation activates the cells of the skin, it flushes out and removes the build-up of dead cells and debris, especially around wrinkles. It reaches underneath to tone and firm the underlying muscles by rejuvenating sluggish and dormant cellular activity. It reawakens cells of all types, bringing them back to youthful vitality. A smoothing result is obvious up close and at a distance. "Lifted" facial features and the "dewey" look of youthful skin reappear.

The 75 minute session consists of the following procedures:
  1. Cleaning and Exfoliation.

  2. Mirco Current Neck and Face Lift.

  3. Micro Current Detail work (such as lines, wrinkles, dark spots, eye bags, droopy lides, Rosacea, acne, scars, etc. Some require of these services will be an additional charge).

  4. Application of natural, nourishing skin products following treatment including Toner, Creams, and Replenishing Oils.

When can I do it?

Begin anytime. Most people require a series of 10 sessions to achieve the full benefit and lasting results. Especially if you are already seeing signs of aging, the sooner you begin, the less deterioration will occur. Call Darla to ask questions and schedule your first appointment.

How much does it cost?
Individual Sessions are $175*
*Add-on services for a focused therapy for the Eye Lids, Sagging Neck, Brown Spots, Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles. Each are an additional $25 per service.



"I feel amazing! Relaxed! My headache is gone.  My TMJ feels so much better.  Muscles are relaxed.  My sinuses feel more open.  I can breath better.  The smiles lines are noticeably reduced.  My skin tone is more even."

Cheryl O. 


"My headache and sinus pressure is gone.  Look at how much inflammation has been removed from my face in one therapy.  I feel and look so much better!"

Jodi Q.

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