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Doris Driscoll CCT, CET, CLDT, CEET

  • 1425 S. Columbia Road, Suite 3  Grand Forks, ND 58201

Rife Detoxifying Footbath

The Rife Computerized Footbath  Cellular Detoxifying Footbath

The Rife Computerized Footbath is an instrument which aids in detoxifying the body and balancing the energy fields, which enhances vitality.  It is an innovative tool for uniting the properties of water with bioelectric charge, which improves and strengthens the body’s ability to heal itself.

The electrically charged water balances the body’s energy meridians by infusing and realigning the energy field.  This experience can be compared to the benefits found from natural hot springs and can be beneficial for facilitating healing in a number of conditions.

The tm is designed for cellular detoxification through a foot bath, which enhances the body’s ability to remove toxins stored within it.  This therapy can be used independently or in conjunction with other therapies.

The Electrical System of the Body

Our body has an electrical system very similar to the electrical system of a house. The system or circuitry that supplies the electricity necessary to run the house efficiently is controlled by circuit breakers organized in a main electrical panel box.  Sometimes improper signals from outside sources, such as weather, can cause a break in the circuit flow, which may cause the system to shut down.  Fortunately, the system has been set up in such a way that by just flipping switches in the system, it can be made to work properly again.

In the human body there is a central electrical system, which is called the nervous system.  It contains millions of nerve cells or neurons, which transmit messages from one part of the body to another and therefore controls every aspect of our body.  A central circuit(nerve) system in the brain controls the body’s major physiological functions, such as circulation, hormone secretion, digestion and excretion.  Signals from the body, as well as outside factors, come through receptors into these circuits, which then transmit information to the brain.  These messages are then organized and redirected back to the body to effect change in a particular body system.  As long as this flow of energy remains unobstructed, we remain physically and mentally balanced and as a result in good health.

Improper signaling may cause many health problems to develop.  These signals may come from any number of things, such as environmental toxins, poor diet or physical and emotional stress.  This can cause a break in the normal circuit flow to the brain which will create disorganization in the system resulting in the body either over or under reacting to normal demands.  The body is an intricate integrated system of energy fields that must function in a balanced way for us to obtain optimum health. 

Positive and Negative Polarities:  The cells in our bodies respond differently to positive and negative polarities.  Positive polarity charges the cells, resulting in mental clarity and energy with some detoxifying; while the primary detoxifying occurs under negative polarity.  Our testing has revealed that the best are from starting with positive polarity to charge the cells for about 15 minutes and then switch to negative polarity for the remainder of the session to the benefit of the primary detoxifying.  If you experience fatigue during detoxification, you may wish to end the session on positive polarity for an additional 5 minutes.  Please note that with experience you can adjust the amount of time spent on each polarity according to your needs and session results.

Frequency of Use:  Typically, the maximum number of sessions is 2 – 3 times per week.  Daily sessions may be done on a temporary basis (no more than 2 weeks), but close monitoring is required.  Maintenance sessions are generally once or twice per month. 

Detoxifying:  Signs that you may be detoxifying may include fatigue, headache, weakness, darkened urine and skin blemishes.  This is normal and is an indication that the body is removing toxins.  Additionally, electrolyte imbalances may occur requiring that a mineral supplement.  We will supply a glass of water with Vitality Mineral Boost 70 included, which may help replenish any minerals drawn from your body during the footbath.

Please Note:  As with beginning any new health regimen, check with your Healthcare Provider to discuss any health conditions and concerns you may have.  This may include whether you have an underlying health condition that could cause your body to be over taxed by using a detoxifying footbath, or any medications which could be depleting essential minerals in your system and whether you should take a mineral supplement while using a detoxifying footbath.  We are not able to provide medical advice and recommend you seek medical advice from your Healthcare Provider

Color Chart

  • Yellow – Green:  Kidney or Bladder

  • Orange:  Joints

  • Brown: Liver or Tobacco

  • Black:  Liver

  • Dark Green: Bladder

  • White Foam:  LymphWhite

  • Cheese Like Particles: Yeast

  • Black Flecks:  Heavy Metals

  • Red Flecks:  Blood Clots

    The above color chart is only a guideline for determining which organs may be detoxifying it is important to remember that the benefits may be greater than what is visible in the water.  The more variations you see between sessions will help you to distinguish the colors.

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